Negative ION Bracelets

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Strengthens the body's immune system Our INNERgy Necklaces are infused with a unique and powerful blend of Tourmaline and Si Ban. 

It energizes and stabilizes the electrical frequencies in the body and creating balance by using far infrared and negative IONS.

These Negative Ion bracelets emit an impressive 6500/cc of Negative IONs and radiate Far Infrared waves in the range of 4-18 microns.  

Our bracelets will never lose their effectiveness. 

They can be “recharged” simply by placing them in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours every 1-2 months or more often as needed. 

The benefits of Negative IONs include:
o Enhances sports performance
o Helps recover from sports fatigue
o Increases blood circulation
o Helps to relax tense muscles
o Normalizes physiological functions
o Improves concentration and focus
o Enhances the body's facility of oxygen

Negative Ion Bracelet Ingredients: Tourmaline and Si Bin infused in a silicone mold.

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