INNERgY Pet Collar Small

INNERgY Pet Collar Small

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Innergy’s Silicone Pet Collars have a unique blend of Tourmaline and Si Bin Ceramic powders, which help to stabilize your pet’s frequencies. Our unique blend uses far infrared frequencies and negative ion energy to promote ideal health in your pet. 

Tourmaline – is a mineral which radiates far infrared energy and negative ions. 

Si-Bin Stone – found only in the north east provinces of China, boasts an unusual field of energy, which is beneficial in that:

• It helps lower cholesterol
• Enhances high-density lipoprotein absorption 
• Effectively regulates blood fat

Negatively Charged Ions are beneficial for the following reasons:

• Improves energy levels
• Strengthens bone and fur health
• Strengthens immunity
• Improves metabolism

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