INNER-Disc Bracelets

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INNERgy Disc bracelets enhance the body's own natural energy fields through acupressure points & meridians. 

Made with frequencies that are programmed with Si Bin & Tourmaline micro dot INNERgy enhancement.

To be used with INNERGY Discs. Comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large in various colors.

Everlast INNERgy Discs work on the principle of Sympathetic Frequency Vibration: one object vibrates at a specific frequency, causing another object to vibrate at the same rate/frequency.

EverLast INNERgy Discs are specially imprinted with specific frequencies known to communicate ideal and specific frequencies throughout the body, which then stimulates the desired results.


Our INNERgy Discs are made with a foil bottom and are laminated with a Holographic Film and then encased in a Silicon bubble. Each component of the Disc enhances its performance.

Included with EverLast INNERgy discs are imprinted Micro Dots, which are programmed in the same manner as are our Discs.

The Micro Dots are made of medical grade silicon infused with our signature, non-duplicable, proprietary blend of Negative Ions & Far Infrared Energy from Sib Bin & Tourmaline. Micro-Dots can be used alone or piggy-backed with our INNERgized Imprinted Discs.

Programable discs sold separately. 

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